Earn a Bonus on every bundle sold in the entire company!

Now you can earn a bonus on every one of your bundles sold, even if you aren't the Affiliate attached to the order. And it's easy!

First, create a bundle and a how-to video. Then, send us the info by filling out the form below. If we select your bundle, we'll post the bundle with your video. And that's it! As the bundle creator, you'll earn a Bundle Bonus on every one of those bundles sold!

This is what your bundle's page will look like. We can even pre-select the shade of the product that you use in your video to make it easier for all customers. (You can also look at this bundle as an example - Link to Science of Pretty Bundle). Thank you to Stephanie Goldsmith for this outstanding example!

It's an easy way to make BIG Bonuses!

Every Affiliate who sells your bundle will earn commissions. But that's not all! As the bundle creator, you will also receive a BeCause Bundle Bonus every time your bundle is sold! Bonuses are paid with your weekly commissions.

Tips for success!

When you make your bundle and how-to video interesting, it will be useful to everyone!
  • Use good lighting
  • Show close-ups of the products and how you apply or use them
  • Speak clearly
  • Give complete instructions, even if you think it's too simple - we want to learn from you!
  • Have fun! Let your personality shine!

Promote your bundle!

The more you promote your bundle, the bigger your Bonus could be! Selling your bundle to your customers will earn you the most (personal commissions + Bundle Bonus), but Sales by Affiliates in your Stack are also to your advantage (Stack Bonus + Bundle Bonus).

Bundle Form

Terms and Conditions

The BeCause Bundle Bonus applies to Sales of specific bundles beginning July 16, 2023. You must be an active Affiliate in good standing with the company to receive a BeCause Bundle Bonus, which is paid with weekly commissions. This Bonus may be modified or discontinued at any time without notice. Individual bundles may also be discontinued at any time without notice.

Your video must be hosted on a major website or social media platform and be published publicly. Your video and bundle may not be selected.

Bonuses are paid on bundles sold, regardless of the Sales total for that order. For example, if a customer uses BeCause Cash for the entire amount of the bundle, you still qualify to earn a BeCause Bundle Bonus on that bundle.

The total number of bundles sold is calculated from July 16, 2023 forward, i.e. it is NOT a weekly or monthly total.