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BeCause Summer Games Rules


The BeCause Summer Games contest runs from June 1, 2023 through July 31, 2023. Orders must be timestamped between those dates to be eligible.


Any Affiliate with an enrollment or reactivation date before July 31, 2023 is eligible to participate. Affiliates must be in good standing and follow all contest rules and Policies and Procedures to receive prizes.

How the Contest works

When you sell products, you earn points based on the full retail value of the product. The Affiliates with the most points in each category at the end of the contest will receive prizes (see below). You may win a medal in more than one category. There are also weekly prizes for the top 10 Affiliates with the most overall points.

How do bundles, discounts, sales prices, and/or BeCause Cash work?

You get points for each item in the bundle. So, for example, the 5-minute Bundle is $125 but earns you between 140.00 and 167.00 points depending on which items you select in the bundle. If you purchase or sell an item for $20 and use $10 BeCause Cash on the item, it still counts for 20.00 points. Similarly, if a $20 item is on sale for $15, you would get 20.00 points for buying or selling that item. Of course, the discount affects the amount you pay for the order and the commissions you may earn, but this contest gives you the full points for each item even if you use BeCause Cash or other discounts.


The top 3 finishers in each category win the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medal prizes:

  • Gold Medal prize - $250 BeCause Cash.
  • Silver Medal prize - $100 BeCause Cash
  • Bronze Medal prize - $50 BeCause Cash
Weekly prizes for the top 10 in overall weekly points are a surprise! So pay attention and don't miss out!


If there is a tie for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in any category, the tiebreaker will go to the earliest timestamp.


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Products, Categories, and Points

Product Category Points
"Brushes" Drawstring BagTools12.00
Affiliate Logo Car DecalTools18.00
All Better Shea Butter StickBody15.00
Basic Black - Long Lasting Pencil EyelinerEyes9.00
Beauty Cloth - GreenTools15.00
Beauty Cloth - OrangeTools15.00
Beauty Cloth - PinkTools15.00
BeCause BackpackTools15.00
BeCause Blending SpongeTools14.00
BeCause Knee SocksTools20.00
BeCause Pop SocketTools10.00
BeCause Pro Bronzer BrushTools20.00
BeCause Pro Fluffy Crease BrushTools12.00
BeCause Pro Glitter/Concealer BrushTools12.00
BeCause Pro Liner/Brow BrushTools12.00
BeCause Pro Pencil BrushTools12.00
BeCause Pro Powder/Blush BrushTools20.00
BeCause Pro Shadow BrushTools12.00
BeCause Pro Siren BrushTools36.00
BeCause Pro Spoolie BrushTools12.00
BeCause Sleep MaskTools18.00
BeCause Spa Facial HeadbandTools11.00
BeCause Zodiac PaletteEyes45.00
Black BeCause Shirt - STools15.00
Black BeCause Shirt - MTools15.00
Black BeCause Shirt - LTools15.00
Black BeCause Shirt - XLTools15.00
Black BeCause Shirt - 2XTools15.00
Black BeCause Shirt - 3XTools15.00
Black BeCause Shirt - 4XTools15.00
Black Organizer CaseTools40.00
Bold Brown - Max Volume MascaraEyes21.00
Boo-tiful Liquid Eyeliner - WhiteEyes12.00
Bright Eyes Shadow Collection - AphroditeEyes39.00
Bright Eyes Shadow Collection - AthenaEyes39.00
Bright Eyes Shadow Collection - GaiaEyes39.00
Bright Eyes Shadow Collection - Perfect MatteEyes39.00
Bronzing Shimmer CremeBody11.00
Brow Gel - Back to BlackEyes14.00
Brow Gel - Blonde BeautyEyes14.00
Brow Gel - Clearly ChicEyes14.00
Choice of Concealer or Brow Product - Almost AmberEyes17.00
Choice of Concealer or Brow Product - Bisque BeigeEyes17.00
Choice of Concealer or Brow Product - Cafe Au LaitEyes17.00
Choice of Concealer or Brow Product - Creme de la CremeEyes17.00
Choice of Concealer or Brow Product - Dark CaramelEyes17.00
Choice of Concealer or Brow Product - Deep ChocolateEyes17.00
Choice of Concealer or Brow Product - Deep EbonyEyes17.00
Choice of Concealer or Brow Product - Medium LatteEyes17.00
Choice of Concealer or Brow Product - Toasted AlmondEyes17.00
Choice of Concealer or Brow Product - Espresso (Pencil)Eyes22.00
Choice of Concealer or Brow Product - Light Brown (Pencil)Eyes22.00
Choice of Concealer or Brow Product - Rich Chocolate (Pencil)Eyes22.00
Choice of Concealer or Brow Product - Taupe (Pencil)Eyes22.00
Choice of Concealer or Brow Product - Espresso (Pomade)Eyes24.00
Choice of Concealer or Brow Product - Light Brown (Pomade)Eyes24.00
Choice of Concealer or Brow Product - Rich Chocolate (Pomade)Eyes24.00
Choice of Concealer or Brow Product - Taupe (Pomade)Eyes24.00
Choice of Eye Liner - Basic BlackEyes9.00
Choice of Eye Liner - Cashmere GreyEyes9.00
Choice of Eye Liner - Chestnut CharmEyes9.00
Choice of Eye Liner - Emerald EnvyEyes2.00
Choice of Eye Liner - PlumfulEyes9.00
Choice of Eye Liner - Staying NeutralEyes9.00
Choice of Eye Liner - Twilight BlackEyes11.00
Choice of Foundation - 1NFace36.00
Choice of Foundation - 2N(R)Face36.00
Choice of Foundation - 2YFace36.00
Choice of Foundation - 3RFace36.00
Choice of Foundation - 4N(RY)Face36.00
Choice of Foundation - 4YFace36.00
Choice of Foundation - 5NFace36.00
Choice of Foundation - 6NFace36.00
Choice of Foundation - 6N(R)Face36.00
Choice of Foundation - 7N(R)Face36.00
Choice of Foundation - 7RFace36.00
Choice of Foundation - 8N(Y)Face36.00
Choice of Foundation - 9NFace36.00
Choice of Foundation - 11RFace36.00
Choice of Foundation - 12YFace36.00
Choice of Foundation - 14NFace36.00
Choice of Foundation - Deep EspressoFace29.00
Choice of Foundation - Deep MochaFace29.00
Choice of Foundation - Light BisqueFace29.00
Choice of Foundation - Light CreamFace29.00
Choice of Foundation - Light IvoryFace29.00
Choice of Foundation - Medium Dulce de LecheFace29.00
Choice of Foundation - Medium PralineFace29.00
Choice of Foundation - Medium WalnutFace29.00
Choice of Foundation - Tan HoneyFace29.00
Choice of Foundation - Tan SandFace29.00
Choice of Lip Color - Back to BrownLips12.00
Choice of Lip Color - Blooming RoseLips10.00
Choice of Lip Color - Brown Goes BoldLips12.00
Choice of Lip Color - Burnt BlushLips12.00
Choice of Lip Color - Captivating CabernetLips12.00
Choice of Lip Color - Caramel CrushLips12.00
Choice of Lip Color - Classic RedLips12.00
Choice of Lip Color - Come Hither CocoaLips12.00
Choice of Lip Color - Copper RoseLips12.00
Choice of Lip Color - Coral CrushLips10.00
Choice of Lip Color - EmpressLips15.00
Choice of Lip Color - Fuchsia FunLips10.00
Choice of Lip Color - Glamorous GarnetLips12.00
Choice of Lip Color - LionheartLips15.00
Choice of Lip Color - Magenta MamaLips12.00
Choice of Lip Color - MajestyLips15.00
Choice of Lip Color - Make it MagentaLips12.00
Choice of Lip Color - Make Mine MerlotLips12.00
Choice of Lip Color - Match Set MauveLips12.00
Choice of Lip Color - Nearly NudeLips12.00
Choice of Lip Color - Pink Goes PopLips12.00
Choice of Lip Color - Pink LavenderLips10.00
Choice of Lip Color - Pink ParadiseLips10.00
Choice of Lip Color - Pinky PromiseLips12.00
Choice of Lip Color - QueenLips15.00
Choice of Lip Color - Ready or Not RedLips12.00
Choice of Lip Color - RegentLips15.00
Choice of Lip Color - Tea RoseLips12.00
Choice of Lip Color - Try Me Tawny RoseLips12.00
Choice of Lip Color - Very BerryLips12.00
Choice of Mascara - Bold BrownEyes21.00
Choice of Mascara - StellarEyes29.00
Color Correcting Concealer - Anti-RednessFace19.00
Color Correcting Concealer - Blue CorrectorFace19.00
Color Correcting Concealer - Brighten UpFace19.00
Color Correcting Concealer - Even ToneFace19.00
Complexion BrushTools25.00
Complexion Drops - BronzeFace29.00
Complexion Drops - QuartzFace29.00
Contour Kit - Deep LusterFace39.00
Contour Kit - Radiant BeigeFace39.00
Cream Tin - BrideLips12.00
Cream Tin - CranberryLips12.00
Cream Tin - MauveLips12.00
Cream Tin - OrchidLips12.00
Cream Tin - PeachLips12.00
Cream Tin - RubyLips12.00
Cream Tin - SiennaLips12.00
Cream Tin - SunsetLips12.00
Customer Delivery EnvelopesTools6.00
Doe Foot Sampling WandsTools5.00
Double Feeture Minty Foot PolishBody20.00
Essential Eye Palette - Rebel RoseEyes29.00
Essential Eye Palette - Smoke & MirrorsEyes29.00
Essential Eye Palette - Supernatural NudeEyes29.00
Eyebrow Defining Pencil - EspressoEyes22.00
Eyebrow Defining Pencil - Light BrownEyes22.00
Eyebrow Defining Pencil - Rich ChocolateEyes22.00
Eyebrow Defining Pencil - TaupeEyes22.00
Eyebrow Pomade - EspressoEyes24.00
Eyebrow Pomade - Light BrownEyes24.00
Eyebrow Pomade - Rich ChocolateEyes24.00
Eyebrow Pomade - TaupeEyes24.00
Eyeshadow Sponge-tip Sampling ApplicatorsTools5.00
Faux Mink Lashes - HanahEyes22.00
Faux Mink Lashes - KatrinaEyes22.00
Faux Mink Lashes - SummerEyes22.00
Glimmer Liquid Shadow - CelestialEyes19.00
Glimmer Liquid Shadow - EclipseEyes19.00
Glimmer Liquid Shadow - NovaEyes19.00
Glimmer Liquid Shadow - RetrogradeEyes19.00
Gray BeCause Shirt - STools15.00
Gray BeCause Shirt - MTools15.00
Gray BeCause Shirt - LTools15.00
Gray BeCause Shirt - XLTools15.00
Gray BeCause Shirt - 2XTools15.00
Gray BeCause Shirt - 3XTools15.00
Gray BeCause Shirt - 4XTools15.00
Grey Recycled-Cotton Tote BagTools14.00
High Shine Liquid Lip Color - Burnt BlushLips12.00
High Shine Liquid Lip Color - Make it MagentaLips12.00
High Shine Liquid Lip Color - Make Mine MerlotLips12.00
High Shine Liquid Lip Color - Ready or Not RedLips12.00
High Shine Liquid Lip Color - Try Me Tawny RoseLips12.00
Hydrating Foundation - Deep EspressoFace29.00
Hydrating Foundation - Deep MochaFace29.00
Hydrating Foundation - Light BisqueFace29.00
Hydrating Foundation - Light CreamFace29.00
Hydrating Foundation - Light IvoryFace29.00
Hydrating Foundation - Medium Dulce de LecheFace29.00
Hydrating Foundation - Medium PralineFace29.00
Hydrating Foundation - Medium WalnutFace29.00
Hydrating Foundation - Tan HoneyFace29.00
If I Could Turn Back Time Hyaluronic Acid SerumBody26.00
Illuminating Blush - Apricot FlushFace24.00
Illuminating Blush - Barely ThereFace24.00
Illuminating Blush - Lavender HazeFace24.00
Illuminating Blush - Pink ReverieFace24.00
Illuminating Blush - Rose All DayFace24.00
Illuminating Blush - Sherry KissFace24.00
Lash ApplicatorTools12.00
Lash Cluster AdhesiveEyes29.00
Lash ScissorsTools18.00
Latex-Free Wedge Sampling SpongesTools5.00
Liner Lash Adhesive - BlackEyes18.00
Liner Lash Adhesive - ClearEyes18.00
Liquid Eyeliner - MaroonEyes13.00
Liquid Eyeliner - Navy BlueEyes13.00
Liquid Eyeliner - Twilight BlackEyes11.00
Longwear Lip Liner - Au NaturelLips8.00
Longwear Lip Liner - Bare BabeLips8.00
Longwear Lip Liner - Nude a TudeLips8.00
Longwear Lip Liner - Petal PinkLips8.00
Longwear Lip Liner - Pink PoutLips8.00
Longwear Lip Liner - Rebel RedLips8.00
Longwear Lip Liner - Rogue PeachLips8.00
Longwear Lip Liner - Rosey DawnLips8.00
Longwear Lip Liner - Va-Va VinoLips8.00
Luminous Under Eye Concealer - Almost AmberEyes17.00
Luminous Under Eye Concealer - Bisque BeigeEyes17.00
Luminous Under Eye Concealer - Cafe Au LaitEyes17.00
Luminous Under Eye Concealer - Creme de la CremeEyes17.00
Luminous Under Eye Concealer - DARKEyes17.00
Luminous Under Eye Concealer - Dark CaramelEyes17.00
Luminous Under Eye Concealer - Deep ChocolateEyes17.00
Luminous Under Eye Concealer - Deep EbonyEyes17.00
Luminous Under Eye Concealer - LIGHTEyes17.00
Luminous Under Eye Concealer - Medium LatteEyes17.00
Luminous Under Eye Concealer - Toasted AlmondEyes17.00
Luv Ur Face Exfoliating Face WashBody21.00
Luxe Lash SerumEyes59.00
Luxury Velvet Matte Lip Color - EmpressLips15.00
Luxury Velvet Matte Lip Color - LionheartLips15.00
Luxury Velvet Matte Lip Color - MajestyLips15.00
Luxury Velvet Matte Lip Color - QueenLips15.00
Luxury Velvet Matte Lip Color - RegentLips15.00
Mascara Sampling SpooliesTools5.00
Matte Finish - Sheer Face PrimerFace26.00
Merry and Bright Eyes Holiday PaletteEyes39.00
Metallic Liquid Lip Color - Back to BrownLips12.00
Metallic Liquid Lip Color - Caramel CrushLips12.00
Metallic Liquid Lip Color - Come Hither CocoaLips12.00
Metallic Liquid Lip Color - Copper RoseLips12.00
Metallic Liquid Lip Color - Match Set MauveLips12.00
Moisture Manifested Face Moisturizer with RetinolBody23.00
Neon PaletteEyes19.00
Nightly Affirmations Firming Eye CreamBody18.00
Peaceful Protest Hand CremeBody12.00
Perfect Blush Palette - Perfect Blush (R)Eyes39.00
Perfect Brontour PaletteFace20.00
Perfect BronzerFace29.00
Perfect Foundation - 1NFace36.00
Perfect Foundation - 2N(R)Face36.00
Perfect Foundation - 2YFace36.00
Perfect Foundation - 3RFace36.00
Perfect Foundation - 4N(RY)Face36.00
Perfect Foundation - 4YFace36.00
Perfect Foundation - 5NFace36.00
Perfect Foundation - 6NFace36.00
Perfect Foundation - 6N(R)Face36.00
Perfect Foundation - 7N(R)Face36.00
Perfect Foundation - 7RFace36.00
Perfect Foundation - 8N(Y)Face36.00
Perfect Foundation - 9NFace36.00
Perfect Foundation - 11RFace36.00
Perfect Foundation - 12YFace36.00
Perfect Foundation - 14NFace36.00
Perfect Powder - Loose - RedFace29.00
Perfect Powder - Loose - TranslucentFace29.00
Perfect Powder - Loose - YellowFace29.00
Perfect Pressed Powder - LatteFace26.00
Perfect Pressed Powder - PeachFace26.00
Perfect Pressed Powder - PinkFace26.00
Perfect Pressed Powder - YellowFace26.00
Precision Gel Eyeliner - Cashmere GreyEyes9.00
Precision Gel Eyeliner - Chestnut CharmEyes9.00
Precision Gel Eyeliner - Emerald EnvyEyes2.00
Precision Gel Eyeliner - Iconic BlackEyes9.00
Precision Gel Eyeliner - PlumfulEyes9.00
Precision Gel Eyeliner - Staying NeutralEyes9.00
Sapphire MascaraEyes19.00
Scrub of Ambition Coffee ScrubBody26.00
Setting SprayFace36.00
Sheer - Prep & Smooth Eye PrimerEyes15.00
Silk Lashes - DianeEyes18.00
Silk Lashes - HeatherEyes18.00
Silk Lashes - KennedyEyes18.00
Silk Lashes - MagiEyes18.00
Silky Matte Lip Crayon - Blooming RoseLips10.00
Silky Matte Lip Crayon - Coral CrushLips10.00
Silky Matte Lip Crayon - Fuchsia FunLips10.00
Silky Matte Lip Crayon - Pink LavenderLips10.00
Silky Matte Lip Crayon - Pink ParadiseLips10.00
Smile with the Risin' Sun Hand CremeBody12.00
Soft Glow Bronzer - Deep BronzeFace25.00
Soft Glow Bronzer - Sun KissedFace25.00
Soft Glow Bronzer - Totally TanFace25.00
Spotlight Highlighter - Champagne ShineFace15.00
Spotlight Highlighter - Playful PeachFace15.00
Spotlight Highlighter - Purple GlimmerFace15.00
Stack Rank-Advancement Gift Patches - BlackTools9.00
Stack Rank-Advancement Gift Patches - RedTools9.00
Stack Rank-Advancement Gift Patches - YellowTools9.00
Stellar Waterproof MascaraEyes29.00
Tester ToteTools0.00
To The Point: Essential Beauty SharpenerTools10.00
Translucent - Set & Extend Finishing PowderFace17.00
Travelers Cosmetic BagTools25.00
Twilight Black Liquid EyelinerEyes11.00
Ultra Rich Longwear Lipstick - Brown Goes BoldLips12.00
Ultra Rich Longwear Lipstick - Captivating CabernetLips12.00
Ultra Rich Longwear Lipstick - Classic RedLips12.00
Ultra Rich Longwear Lipstick - Glamorous GarnetLips12.00
Ultra Rich Longwear Lipstick - Magenta MamaLips12.00
Ultra Rich Longwear Lipstick - Nearly NudeLips12.00
Ultra Rich Longwear Lipstick - Pink Goes PopLips12.00
Ultra Rich Longwear Lipstick - Pinky PromiseLips12.00
Ultra Rich Longwear Lipstick - Tea RoseLips12.00
Ultra Rich Longwear Lipstick - Very BerryLips12.00
Velvet Matte Gloss Duo - Countess / CharismaLips26.00
Velvet Matte Gloss Duo - Duchess / DarlingLips26.00
Velvet Matte Gloss Duo - Gypsy / GingerLips26.00
Velvet Matte Gloss Duo - Liberty / LyricalLips26.00
Velvet Matte Gloss Duo - Linden / LunaLips26.00
Velvet Matte Gloss Duo - Monarch / MythicalLips26.00
Zodiac Shirt - STools15.00
Zodiac Shirt - MTools15.00
Zodiac Shirt - LTools15.00
Zodiac Shirt - XLTools15.00
Zodiac Shirt - 2XTools15.00
Zodiac Shirt - 3XTools15.00
Zodiac Shirt - 4XTools15.00

Contest Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of this contest are subject to change at any time. If the company determines that an order or an Affiliate is ineligible, it will exclude that order or Affiliate at its sole discretion. Please send any inquiries to