Truth, Beauty, and Goodness

Truth, Beauty, and Goodness are the universal values that bring all of us together. Philosophers have been writing about their importance and meaning for centuries. At BeCause, we use these values as our foundation and the starting point for making decisions about how we run our company.
Truth is to think. It is transparency, honesty, and integrity. The truth matters to us so much that we will not cover it in fear, spin, misdirection, or blame. We want it to shine and stand on its own. We use real data to help us make decisions. We tell the truth and accept the consequences. We measure things accurately, Truth is science. Truth is our standard.
Beauty is to wish. We love the arts, innovation, creativity, and beautiful things. We believe that to be yourself is to be beautiful. We believe in beauty on your own terms. Although we are part of the beauty industry, we reject the conventional definitions and restrictions, and we replace them with inclusiveness and empowerment. To be imperfect is what makes us perfect. And we commit to beautiful work- if we are going to do something, we will do it well and dedicate our beautiful efforts to excellence.
Goodness is to feel. We do good in the world by allocating 3% of our commissionable sales to charitable causes nominated and selected by our Ambassadors. We are committed to making the world a better, more beautiful place by improving the lives of every customer, Affiliate, and employee. Goodness is treating everyone with dignity, respect, and love. We look for opportunities to give second chances, forgive, reconnect, and serve. We treat others well by seeing the goodness in them. We focus on what we have in common, not what we don't. We see our short-term mistakes and failures as productive stepping stones that lead to development and possibility.