Here is your chance to be VIP this week!

We have an exciting announcement and we want you to be part of it! BeCause is launching a new Bath & Body line of products this fall, and we will be pre-selling Launch Kits with the very first BeCause Bath & Body products. We want the announcement video to come from many different faces and voices at BeCause.

Here is how you can participate!

  1. Please wear a BeCause shirt (a black shirt is acceptable if you don't have a BeCause shirt)
  2. Set up your camera/phone in LANDSCAPE (horizontal) mode and in an area with natural light. Use a tripod or set your phone on a stable surface -- don't hold your camera in your hand -- so that the video is steady.
  3. Align your video so that the BeCause logo on your shirt is visible in the shot.
  4. Please make sure there is nothing visually distracting in your video, or any background noise.
  5. Download the pdf script below and read it at a speed that is natural and comfortable to you. Leave a very small pause between each section.
  6. Upload your video below.
We will edit sections of several videos together so that the message comes from many different people.